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Follow the Spirit

Every time I see somebody set a "ministry average" as a "ministry law", I cringe.

Same God, different gifts.

While it may be a great idea and it works, why must all ministries follow the same blueprint? There are several basics in the New Testament to show what a healthy ministry should do; beyond that, it comes down to much prayer and seeking God to see what your ministry should look like. I talked about this a bit in "Basics of (youth) ministry".

Find out what God has planned for you and your ministry, and ask HIM what should be done or not done to achieve it. While there are ministries that have some amazing ideas that work, that same idea may change the flavor of your ministry and keep you from reaching the people you were meant to reach.

As a youth pastor, I have prayed about every area of youth ministry to see what I should do, and what I should not. There are some things we do that others probably shouldn't because they have different gifts in their ministry. There are some things that others SHOULD do because they would be amazing at it, but we do not do them because it would take us away from where we should be.

To say that we are missing it because we don't do everything another ministry does is short sighted. These are the things that really matter. Is Jesus taught? Are we making disciples? Past that, all things add the flavor that God has asked us to have.

Kingdom mentality.

Something that we have not done in the youth ministry I lead are mission trips. I have prayed about it and have not yet felt lead to do one. Don't get me wrong, I think missions are incredibly important! Of course there will be the shouts of, "GO INTO ALL THE WORLD!" As I see it, our area of influence is part of the world, and we DO go out into it. The majority of our group are students not raised in a church. Most came to us as non-believers.

However, that is not our entire group and I have had students ask me about mission trips. There is a church right down the road that goes on amazing mission trips and they do it really well. Instead of becoming something we weren't called to become, because "Hey, it is what most youth ministries do", I tell those students to get plugged in at that youth group as well and join them. That church has the gifts to carry out that vision and we serve the same King. Me not having to duplicate what somebody else is doing perfectly allows me to focus on our strengths. This in turn makes the Kingdom stronger. We need to stop treating ministries like McDonald's; all with the same menu. Let's look at the fruit of the ministry and not just their program.

These are the things that really matter. Is Jesus taught? Are we making disciples?

Before we set man-made standards of what a ministry should be, let's encourage each other in the things that matter and take advantage of each others strengths.


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