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Parents: Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are an amazing resource. With them you can learn from some of the best teachers about finances, leadership, faith, and any other topic you want. While most people would use podcasts for personal edification or gaining information, one thing parents don't consider are their children when listening to podcasts.

They are listening... *creepy music*

If you are a parent, there is probably something that you have noticed by now. Your kid notices things you wouldn't expect them to notice. Young children start saying words that they hear once or twice from random people. Your child will mimic what they see and what they hear, even when you don't think they are paying attention.

I remember my parents would listen to cassette tapes all the time when I was a child. Every trip in the car was associated with a recording of a speaker sharing ideas, dreams, and leadership training. While I don't think they really expected that I would be listening, I was. This influenced my life heavily as I soaked in wisdom and teaching from some amazing people all through my childhood.

Soak it up!

So why should parents listen to podcasts? Your kid has a sponge for a brain. Give it something positive to absorb! Don't hog your podcasts by using headphones! If it is a podcast that will build you up, share it with your family!

When I was growing up, we didn't have a set time to listen to these tapes as a family. As my parents listened, I listened! Play a podcast while you are cleaning your house, driving to the store, bored with nothing to do! Any time you have a chance to listen and your kids are around, play a podcast.

These are some areas you should try to find some good podcasts in.


One of the best things you can do is create a home where God is taught more than just Sunday. Find some good speakers and pastors and get into a routine of listening to them throughout the week.
A few of my favorites:


Leadership skills will help you in every area of you life no matter your age. You may think your kid will be bored and tune it out, but they will pick up leadership concepts and not even realize it.


Financial wisdom will save you so much trouble. Just think of how amazing your child's life can be if they pick this up before they even have a job!


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