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Central Youth Alliance

This Sunday is a huge day for churches and youth ministries in Mt.Pleasant. It is the result of years of prayer, building relationship, and the dedication of a group of individuals, who have a heart to reach our area for Christ, coming together with a common purpose.

His kingdom. Our passion.

This Sunday is our first community youth service under the banner of Central Youth Alliance. Several youth ministries from across Mt.Pleasant are getting together to begin coordinating to reach the next generation in ways we could not alone. Several denominations are represented; different backgrounds, different areas of influence, same love for Jesus.

We have been meeting monthly for years, and getting to know all of the youth leaders in the area has been incredible. All of them have long term plans of being in youth ministry, and several have already passed the average expectancy of a leader in their field. This allows us to think past just this year and next, looking down the road and saying, “What do we want to see 5 years from now? 10 years? What will we do together?” This allows us to establish legacy. This allows us to build His kingdom in a way most cities haven't experienced.

As Central Youth Alliance, we look to promote each other, not just our own groups or churches. “Glad to see you! What are you doing tomorrow? You know that there is a group that meets at 6? You should check it out! You want to go on a mission trip? I know of a group going in a few months! Get connected!”

We are the church of Mt.Pleasant. Welcome to the movement.


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