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Dear God, show up!

Have you ever prayed that God just show up? Maybe you are going through a difficult time and just want Him there, or you want to FEEL Him. Either way, you pray for God to be where you are.

I know there were many times in my own life where I would make the comment, "God really showed up at church!" Making this comment wasn't necessarily a terrible thing, but thankfully God helped me get over this mentality. It really changes how you view church and what you expect. Was it God who showed up, or me finally slowing down enough to notice He was already there?

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I Am Thankful

Be Thankful

"Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving."Colossians 2:6-7

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My Journal

I have officially started writing a book. Crazy right?

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Recently GMail rolled out their new tabs to help keep your email organized. The world ended for many that day. Banks shut down, families lost their dogs, Twinkies sold for $10k a box... It was chaos.

There is hope!

While I find myself enjoying the new tabs, many people hate them. Fortunately for us, our Google overlords have given us an option when Facebook would simply laugh and steal our children. Many people have been asking me if there was a way to escape this tabby doom, so here you go. Three easy to follow steps to bring freedom to your inbox.

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Why I chose to be dumb.

To start, I've been smart for almost 4 years now. It was a great ride, but I had enough of it. I missed being dumb. The simplicity of it all. Being smart gets to be too much sometimes. I made a choice to take the plunge. I chose to be dumb.

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A few good men

A few weeks ago I talked to the young men of Ignite specifically about what it means to not just be a man, but a Godly man. Along with this message I extended an invitation to allow me to mentor them this summer. This is something I have known I needed to do for a while, but finally got over myself and just did it.

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Many Christians live with so much crap in their lives that they are free to walk away from. Why? Because it is hard to change. Jesus died not just to let us into Heaven, but to bring freedom in this life! We have been delivered from sin completely! It is time to live it.



Lately I have been having more conversations with other youth leaders about what it takes to grow in youth ministry. Sometimes I am asked about little details. How we go about our service order, about our music selection or if we play ice breakers. These questions are fine, but it reminds me of a conference I attended years ago where a very well known youth leader was sharing his views on what makes a youth ministry grow. The point of the meeting when I zoned out was when he shared about his team that was in charge of keeping his wardrobe trendy (no joke).

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Recently I purchased a Raspberry Pi in the hopes of putting together a fully automated recording appliance. In my script I use the "rec" command and "sox" to begin recording audio at a certain time and to trim the file once there is no longer any input. Using a "M-Audio MobilePre" USB interface for capturing audio, it seemed that all was well. But once I got out of simple tests and started recording files larger than 30-40mb, I started getting an error.

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My Journal

I have been kicking myself lately for not doing a better job keeping a journal. Even if I just post a few sentences about how much I appreciate a good ham sandwich, I need to start logging my experiences again. I have a few entries from a blog I had as a teenager, and sometimes I enjoy going back and reading about what I was experiencing then, and I can just imagine reading back to this time in 20 years. God has been really pushing me out of my comfort zone lately. This is going to be my bread crumb trail so I can look back and see where he took me.

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