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Follow the Spirit

Every time I see somebody set a "ministry average" as a "ministry law", I cringe.

Same God, different gifts.

While it may be a great idea and it works, why must all ministries follow the same blueprint? There are several basics in the New Testament to show what a healthy ministry should do; beyond that, it comes down to much prayer and seeking God to see what your ministry should look like. I talked about this a bit in "Basics of (youth) ministry".

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Dear God, show up!

Have you ever prayed that God just show up? Maybe you are going through a difficult time and just want Him there, or you want to FEEL Him. Either way, you pray for God to be where you are.

I know there were many times in my own life where I would make the comment, "God really showed up at church!" Making this comment wasn't necessarily a terrible thing, but thankfully God helped me get over this mentality. It really changes how you view church and what you expect. Was it God who showed up, or me finally slowing down enough to notice He was already there?

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Thank You!

I am sharing this to highlight the importance of family

I am going to be real here. Ministry is amazing. I just sit back sometimes and take it all in, thanking God for what I am able to be a part of. Being able to reach into somebodies life and pull them back from the edge. To hear their life story and know I will forever be a part of that story. To see God heal them first hand! It is incredible.

Some weeks are a little more trying than others, however. Some weeks really drive home what Paul talks about in 2 Corinthians.

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Part one: Groundwork »

Lately I have seen more and more speakers and Christian bloggers talking about how the church has failed our youth. Research says more and more of our young people are becoming discouraged or bored with our churches and leaving, with fewer and fewer returning. Many solutions have been thrown about trying to solve this issue, but what does it really come down to? Where is the weak spot? What has broken down?

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