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Central Youth Alliance

This Sunday is a huge day for churches and youth ministries in Mt.Pleasant. It is the result of years of prayer, building relationship, and the dedication of a group of individuals, who have a heart to reach our area for Christ, coming together with a common purpose.

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Follow the Spirit

Every time I see somebody set a "ministry average" as a "ministry law", I cringe.

Same God, different gifts.

While it may be a great idea and it works, why must all ministries follow the same blueprint? There are several basics in the New Testament to show what a healthy ministry should do; beyond that, it comes down to much prayer and seeking God to see what your ministry should look like. I talked about this a bit in "Basics of (youth) ministry".

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Lately I have been having more conversations with other youth leaders about what it takes to grow in youth ministry. Sometimes I am asked about little details. How we go about our service order, about our music selection or if we play ice breakers. These questions are fine, but it reminds me of a conference I attended years ago where a very well known youth leader was sharing his views on what makes a youth ministry grow. The point of the meeting when I zoned out was when he shared about his team that was in charge of keeping his wardrobe trendy (no joke).

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Thank You!

I am sharing this to highlight the importance of family

I am going to be real here. Ministry is amazing. I just sit back sometimes and take it all in, thanking God for what I am able to be a part of. Being able to reach into somebodies life and pull them back from the edge. To hear their life story and know I will forever be a part of that story. To see God heal them first hand! It is incredible.

Some weeks are a little more trying than others, however. Some weeks really drive home what Paul talks about in 2 Corinthians.

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Dear Ignite

I really love what I do!

Going to ignite and victory changed my life in a huge way. I am proud to have gotten to know all of the people that make all of this possible. I know that there is a limited amount of time so ill try and make this as short as possible.

Let me first say that if you have never personally talked to the staff here at victory, my recommendation is that you need to get to know these amazing people because honestly i might not be here today without the help and support from them and the members of this church.

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